Carrying the Branch: Poets in Search of Peace (Glass Lyre Press)

This is a benefit anthology for people impacted by terror attacks, political strife, and oppression. Edited by Diane Frank, Lois P. Jones, Ami Kaye, Rustin Larson, Gloria Mindock, and Melissa Studdard, the anthology hopes to raise awareness, open dialogue, and find solutions for peace, tolerance, and solidarity. Glass Lyre Press will donate a portion of sales to a charity targeted toward people directly impacted by terror attacks and political oppression.

River of Earth & Sky: Poems for the 21st Century (Blue Light Press)

This anthology is edited by Diane Frank, poet and novelist, founding editor of Blue Light Press. From a review by Terry Brennan: “Diane Frank’s dedication is a tiny poem: ‘For the poets of the future / to discover what we saw, felt and knew / during these times.’ This volume fulfills that promise, covering a wide range of voices and experiences. Some are bawdy: May Garsson imagining her breasts separating from her body and bouncing down the street and into the melon section at Safeway; or Phillip Dancy getting so good at putting on a condom single-handedly that he takes it on the carnival circuit. Some are dark: Nynke Passi shouting to Death ‘Have me! It will be like eating a cracker.’ Some have simple language and rich thoughts: atheist Stephen Dunn wondering what to do when his daughter comes back from bible camp full of Jesus. Religious ecstasy is recurrent theme: Jane Hirshfield directing what to do ‘If the gods bring you / a strange and frightening creature.’ This volume reaches from these points to many others in between; they are the best poems of a generation of teachers, which means they are very good indeed.”

Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day (1st World Library)

Judges and editors Rustin Larson, Nynke Passi, and Christine Schrum are pleased to present the winners of The Iowa Source 2006 poetry prize in an anthology called Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day. This anthology includes poems from 34 poets living across the United States, in Australia, and in Indonesia. The winning poems stood out because of their humor, poignancy, lyricism, striking imagery, and craftsmanship.

The Dryland Fish (1st World Library)

This anthology of Contemporary Iowa poets was the 2003 winner of the Chelson Award of Poetry and is edited by poet and musician Matthew McLeod. From a review by Charlie Langton: “[The Dryland Fish] can't be accused of being a boy's club anthology. There is page after page of poems by remarkable women writers like Nynke Passi, Diane Frank, and Robin Lim.”